Declaration of Europe: turn left!

19.04.2017: Anfang April 2017 haben sich auf Einladung von Jusos, Falken und DGB Jugend NRW über 1.000 junge Menschen aus sozialistischen Jugendorganisationen und Gewerkschaftsjugenden aus ganz Europa getroffen.

Unter dem Motto Europe: turn left! haben wir ein Wochenende in Workshops und Podiumsdiskussionen intensiv über unsere Kritik an der derzeitigen politischen Situation Europas und den Arbeits- und Lebensbedingungen junger Menschen in Europa diskutiert. Wir haben außerdem unsere Vorstellungen und Visionen eines anderen, eines solidarischen Europas entwickelt und erarbeitet, was unsere Aufgabe dabei ist, dieses andere Europa zu gestalten.

Aus den, in den Workshops erarbeiteten, Thesen ist folgende Abschlusserklärung entstanden, die ihr unterzeichnen könnt.

Das geht über diesen Link: Declaration EUROPETURNLEFT unterzeichnen!

Europe: turn left!

Today, the European Union along with the European idea are being questioned more than ever. Right-wing populism and Anti-European movements are on the rise all across Europe and lead to a strong renationalization with Brexit as its sad but only temporary peak. Many young people suffer from unemployment or precarious working conditions. The political state of Europe and the living situation of its young people cry for a change - a change for another Europe built upon solidarity and equality. In other words: They demand a turn to the left!

This is why we, more than 1000 young people from Jusos, SJD - Die Falken, DGB Jugend NRW, member organisations of YES as well as many other young people from different political organisations and social movements from all across Europe have come together here in Duisburg this weekend.

Yes, we are pro-European. We still believe in the idea of a united Europe, we hold on to the aim of overcoming nationalism, of securing peace and prosperity for all. But no, we are not just naively clinging to a beautiful vision unaware of the harsh reality.

Yes, as leftists we have a lot to criticize about the politics of both the European Union as well as its member states. And as socialist organisations we know that in capitalist societies, crises are the rule and not an exception. For all those reasons and given the fact that we care about Europe and fight for another vision of Europe we, as the young generation, have to speak up:

  • A Europe where right-wing parties and politicans are on the rise, where racism and sexism or discrimination of minorities are still commonplace is not our Europe.
  • A Europe where member states consciously undermine democratic structures, threaten civic society and antifascist movements is not our Europe.
  • A Europe that puts profit above people and national interest above global solidarity and thereby fuels rivalry among its working class is not our Europe.
  • A Europe that puts freedom of capital before social and democratic rights of working people is not our Europe.
  • A Europe that enforces austerity politics and social cuts unmindful of the consequences for its citizens and thereby destroys the future of an entire generation is not our Europe.
  • A Europe that closes its borders, makes refugee deals with autocratic regimes and is responsible for the death of thousands of refugees and migrants each year is not and will not be our Europe.
Declaration of Europe: turn left!

When we say we fight for Europe, this means we analyse and understand the reasons of the world we live in. We are convinced that a fundamental critique on capitalism as well as nationalism is as necessary as ever. We need to develop alternatives now because we, the young generation, especially in Southern Europe, pay for the economic crisis and neoliberal politics.

We are hit by unemployment, unsafe employment and the privatization of health and social systems. We suffer from expensive housing, we can no longer afford to study. We will be affected by the environmental pollution of the past and present.

Our generation will be given the opportunity to shape the future. But we do not just postpone our vision for a socialist Europe and a better world to tomorrow. That is why we have to struggle together for every step that makes the world a bit more social and equal. That is why we join forces to argue for the rights of the young, the exploited and the workers. We are here to say it loud and clear. We, the young people, we are not apolitical, we are anti-capitalist - and pro-European. Our demands for another Europe

When we say we fight for the idea of another Europe, this means a Europe truly based on our socialist values, a Europe of international solidarity, equality, freedom and democracy for all people who want to live here.

We want a Europe where every young person has the right and possibility to work and to receive education - wherever and whatever they want. A Europe that enables access to good education for everyone, regardless of their background. Where young people learn together in diversity to grow closer together.

We want a Europe that breaks with neoliberal dogmatism and ends austerity with a progressive solidarity pact. We demand harmonization of taxation and redistribution in order to end the growing gap between poor and rich.

We want a Europe that invests in the future of the young generation and opens up opportunities for a self-determined life for everybody. We insist on an actually effective youth guarantee that provides real perspectives and social protection for young people in Europe.

We want a Europe that secures and strengthens workers rights and guarantees high standards on the whole continent, where public services are owned by the public and capital is bound to serve public interest and not the other way around. We call for a European minimum wage and a European Works Constitutional Act to empower workers beyond borders. We demand common social standards and the democratisation of the working sphere.

We want a Europe that strengthens civic society and supports political education and democratic self-organisation within its member states and also in countries outside of Europe - especially by the means of strong regional partnerships.

We demand the end of fortress Europe and a radical change in European border control and asylum policy. European responsibility for the world means for us the continuous effort for peace and dialogue and to welcome everbody seeking a free and secure life. From this responsibility stems the task to fight the causes of escape instead of refugees. We call for immediate action to end the dying in the Mediterrenean Sea and the establishment of secure escape routes to Europe. Our role in shaping another Europe

Our responsibility as socialist youth organisations and trade union youth is to educate young people to understand and criticise the world we live in. Without neglecting the fight for our utopia of a socialist society, we want to offer a place where young people can address their daily struggles and learn how to act together in solidarity to fight for their interests and organise the change.

For us that means addressing social issues and the contradiction between capital and labour relentlessly. For us that means not to limit our call for international solidarity to one continent. For us that means to foster self-organization and participation and to keep up the fight against every form of exploitation as well as all mechanisms of authority such as racism and sexism. For us that means to give a strong voice to young Europeans. For us that means to include women, LGBTQIA*, people of colour and refugees alike for a strong and united movement. This means in short: to turn Europe to the left.

We are many but not enough. We are strong but not strong enough. But we are not alone and we will not be divided.

We have to stand together in our fight for a free, equal and socialist Europe. Our movement is international - within Europe and beyond. Another Europe is possible, another world is necessary.

First Signatories:

Josephin Tischner, Chairwoman of SJD - The Falcons

Immanuel Benz, Chairman of SJD - The Falcons

Johanna Uekermann, Chairwoman of Jusos

Eric Schley, Chairman of DGB Jugend NRW

Paul M. Erzkamp, Chairman of SJD - The Falcons NRW

Frederick Cordes, Chairman of NRW Jusos